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How to screenshot a Snapchat snap without anyone ever knowing

Did someone send you an embarrassing snap that you want to save for future roasting, but without them knowing it's coming? This guide will teach you how to screenshot a snap without sending any sort of notification.

How to downgrade your Snapchat

The new Snapchat update (late 2017/early 2018) is pretty awful. What if you could go back?

How to install App Store apps without the App Store

For some reason (like iOS restrictions), the App Store is disabled, but you really want to install your favorite game or social media app? Learn how to install App Store apps without the App Store.

Bypass OurPact

Obsolete as of February 3rd, 2017. Check back to see if I have updated the guide for newer versions of OurPact.

Bypass restrictions password on iOS

Locked out of the restrictions settings on your iOS device? Find out how to remove the password here.

How to bypass AdBlock restrictions imposed by some websites

Use an ad blocker and get annoyed when a website doesn't allow you through because of it? Get past that using this guide.